Thursday, August 30, 2012

Facebook-> Candy Crush Saga

I coulda sworn I badmouthed this one.  I didn't even bother to give it its own post!  But I've had a conversion on the road to Daikatana.  Besides, the ladies seem to like this game, so why not?  Must be the color scheme.  So like the Barbie section of the toy store.  As for me, it reminds me of the time I spent hours and hours playing "Jewel Quest III".  Similar variations on the theme.  And damn!  Sure seems to be a hell of a lot of levels in Candy Crush Saga.  It is indeed a saga.

9/21/12 - Up to level 104!  Waiting for my next 'life'

9/30/12 - Five more areas to go... Geez!  I think I'm addicted to this game!

10/4/'12 - I know I think this with every tough level I get stuck on, but this latest one seems really tough!  Level 140's different because you have to fill three giant orders, and somehow I don't think I can do it in the given number of moves.  Came damn close one heartbreaking time, where I had two of the orders filled, and had two or three candies left.  Dont'cha hate when that happens?

10/9/'12 - Finally! SHEESH!  On to level 148.  Oh, I also got really really stuck on level 147 forever.

10/23/'12 - I've been saying this a lot lately, but... man, is level 167 tough!  Sure, arguably not as tough as... whichever one I was stuck on lately.  165, maybe.  Still... it's going to take some serious luck to get past this latest one

10/28/'12 - Wow.  Can still hardly believe it!  Finally passed 167.  Waited for just the right moment to cross a color bomb and a red striped candy. On to bigger and better things, mostly 168. And look! They've gotten rid of the pomp and circumstance of the exploding bomb! Why waste valuable time? Oh, and... I should probably confess that I've been 'doping', that is, using a second Facebook account to send myself free lives. Been trying that for about a day now. Don't I have other things to do? I think I might be addicted to this game!

11/24/'12 - The latest eternity I'm stuck in is Level 197.  I'll give myself two more weeks...

12/26/'12 - Well, I've been breezing through these pretty good, but it looks like 242's the one I'll be on for ten days now

1/7/'13 - Well, I had a bunch of free charms, and I had to use them on the ultra-annoying Level 265.  Hope I don't soon regret that!

1/11/'13 - Now we're talking!  Level 275 is another one I'll spend two weeks on.  There's vending machines that release bombs that have to be defused in 3 moves... haven't been able to do it yet!  Well, just a couple, but not enough to win yet

1/22/'13 - the next level I'll spend two weeks or more on: Level 290.  Phooey.  And I've apparently only got 30 left altogether!

1/26/'13 - Level 305!  And, for some reason, a wrench dropped down onto the last episode.  Guess they're not done yet.  I've about lost interest myself.  So much candy crushed, so little free time left..............................................................................................................

1/31/'13 - Yup, 305's another one of those levels I'll spend two to three weeks on.  Got damn close today, though!

3/8/'13 - Yup, still stuck on 305, but the computer nerds over at took pity upon me and made the level slightly easier.  Slightly.

3/23/'13 - HALLE LOOGIE!  Two months and several dozen failed attempts later, I made it!  I was just so pumped about it, I had to play it one more time to calm myself down.  Now I'm stuck at level 310, which seems to have a similar construct: digging your way to China to clear the jelly.  Deja vu all over again.

3/29/'13 - up to level 318 now, but they've moved the goalposts considerably!  Two more levels to beat?  Good Lourdes.

4/3/'13 - Now I'm stuck on 325!

5/6/'13 - Stuck on 350.  I gotta stop playing this at some point.  They keep moving the goalposts!

7/31/'13 - Still stuck on 410.  And they've already added two new episodes and everything!  It's a discipline thing for me.  If I don't get past this level by January 1st, 2014, well... time to buy a Facebook card from Wal-Mart!

9/22/'13 - Welp, it took 3 months, but I'm finally past 410!  Okay, time for bed...

11/14/'13 - ...dare I check to see what level I'm on at work?  Oh, I dare!  437.  Life well spent!

2/17/'14 - All caught up again!  Level 110 in Dreamland, level 500-and something in regular.  Back to reality with me.

3/27/'14 - Oh right!  I've got someplace to complain about stuff!  A BLOG!!!  Anyway, I think I found a bug, developers of Candy Crush.  See, it seems that when the little owl character flies off and the whole "Moon Struck" thing happens, there's one slight possibility you didn't prepare for.  See, if you happen to complete your goals right after the whole Moon Struck thing happens... well, it seems to go into this kind of limbo state!  You can't move any candy or anything!  Sounds like you need an extra "if" statement someplace.  You're welcome.  Also, I noticed that the owl flies off of the moon now after the gems... I mean, the candy has settled, rather than after you swap the candies.  There's a chance the candy hasn't finished cascading before the owl does the whole "Moon Struck" thing.  Incidentally, how does that owl fall off the moon, anyway?  Doesn't it have, oh, I don't know... WINGS?!!!!!  I thought I blogged that already.  Guess snot.  Okay, time to wait for the life abscess to refill anew.

4/6/'14 - Here's another glitch for you guys to fix... I was down to one life left, and about 15 seconds to the next life when I started a round.  This happened in the owl dream mode, so maybe the code's a little different.  Anyway, I didn't get my other life!  Sounds like you need an extra "if" statement somewhere... or maybe another "switch" parameter.  You know... real 7-figure stuff.

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