Saturday, September 14, 2013

MAME - Smash T.V.

I can die a happy man.

5/18/'15 - Well, I hope someone at Williams got a big bonus for approving this game.  What a quarter vacuum!  Why, one of the best things I learned in college was how to beat this game... and it only cost me about five bucks in quarters!  When I was playing with MAME last night, it took me a while, but I finally burned through 60 credits (the maximum).  Well, the only way you can clear all the mines is by throwing yourself upon them.  Funny!  The bad guys don't get blown up.

6-2-2015 - ...didn't I want to do something with my life?  Anyway, reading about Smash T.V. is almost as interesting as playing it!  I did notice that there seem to be some Question Mark rooms on the "Die Cobros" map... that's a mixture of German and Spanish, apparently.  Shouldn't it be "Los Dos Cobros" or sumpthing?... well, clearly this game isn't as well documented on the web as, say, the Doom series.  Apparently, no one's thought to make a screen capture of the level maps.  I gotta do everything around here.
Well, I've thought about it a lot.  There's a wide array of weapons to use in Smash T.V.  You've got the regular rifle, you've got the rifle that shoots three bullets at once in kind of a fan shape, you've got your grenade thrower, you've got the orbiting blue orb that can mimic any weapon... ooh!  And the rockets that cut through stuff like a knife through butter.  But I think the most powerful weapon is the protective green circle around the player that can blow up anything, except the really big bad guys.  Why, I seem to do best when the player dies, then comes back out from the left with that protective green circle!

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