Thursday, November 14, 2013

Phacebook -> Words with Phriends

...let's see if anyone notices.  I don't think I ever made a post about Zynga's terrific Scrabble ripoff..  I mean, tribute, Words with Friends.  ...well, here it is.  And here's the tool I used to cheat with.  Guess that's why I lost all my Words with Friends friends.

Monday, 9/5/'16, 12:29 pm - Oh, they're cruel bastards.  I've got a day off and the challenge hasn't even started yet!  I might not be able to do it this week, guys!

Tue., 9/6/'16, 7:33pm - Sorry, guys.  Nice offer, but I got to get back to my life now.  True, 17,000 points and 300 or so JQXZ words is indeed a challenge, but I've got other stuff to do.  Plus, you kind of broke my heart by not starting it on Monday.  Granted, points were counted... no, I have to stop.

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