Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Welp, I failed.  I was in the sauna at the gym today and two old guys were talking.  One was lamenting that he ever bought a Nintendo... whichever (he rattled off a bunch of names like "GameCube" and "64"), and the other said that he never even liked Pac-Man.  Guess you just gotta pick your poison in this life... whether it's movies, comic books, or video games.  Also, I'm sitting here in the dark, cross-legged on my floor, with a laptop on a banker's box... but on the bright side, I did just catch a flea!  I tried to kill it by rubbing it on the non-keyboard part of the laptop, but it's too smooth.  God, I hate fleas.  Miniature versions of the alien in the Alien movies, only much worse.  Having the cat is almost not worth it, I dare say!

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