Sunday, August 2, 2015

MAME -> Gauntlet 1

Boy!  And I thought I was the fanatic!  1000 LEVELS?  Even Pac-Man is apparently not infinite!  I can think of a few games I'd want to play forever, but somehow Gauntlet was never one of them.  I guess it was because all the cool kids played Gauntlet in groups of four... at least, until they got bored.  Then they went back to punching nerds in the stomach.  Of course, I was always seeking justice for "Dandy" creator Palevich.  Don't know why, really; he didn't give a crap about me.  Anyway, this is a place for me to store all my brain farts about my Gauntlet adventure.  First brain fart: love that countdown in the Treasure Room.  "4,5,6... just kidding!"  Damn, those Atari people were good.

8/3/'15 - Welp, I tell you one thing I noticed right away.  There's a couple of levels that sure seem to get repeated a lot... especially that great one where you can see the exit, and there's a Death locked behind a door next to it, and a ham or a turkey.  That's what's so insane about Gauntlet.  It's a game for four players, yet it's full of narrow hallways where you have to go single file, so you have to vary who takes the brunt of everything all the time.  Also, they always seem to put the shootable food behind the enemy generators.  Cute!

 420..... heh heh heh!!!!!!

Boy, I tell ya... this level must've been some kind of huge achievement or something.  It sure seems to pop up a hell of a lot!  Five variations or so!  One for each pathway.  Perfect for four players, of course...
....I can't even remember now.  Not terribly devilish; it was probably a repeat.  Not like that Candy Crush level 666!  Talk about Satanic!

...okay!  This is what it's all about!  All that hard work.............................
...and there you have it!  Much like how on level 1, you can skip ahead to level 8, so too do you skip ahead to 1008 from 999.  Well, they gotta give you something!  Not quite as dramatic as the jump from 50 to 70 in Bubble Bobble... then again, I thought the levels in Bubble Bobble were their own reward!  Go figure.

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