Friday, September 18, 2015

Zynga Poker?

Lord knows I've referenced it enough!  Didn't have a post dedicated to it, tho.(ugh)  I just thought I'd mention this one thing I learned today... actually, a while ago, but I didn't think to brainfart it on the web.  I learned a new swear word: "follo."  See, if there's one thing they won't tolerate in the chat section of Zynga Poker, it's swearing.  Okay, swearing, and solicitations for chips.  So whatever you do, don't use the word "follow" in Zynga Poker chat, because it'll come out as ****w and a JavaScript window will pop up, saying "No swearing!"  Now, of course, you can say "F O L L O W" like that.  Follow me?... oh, according to urbandictionary dot com, a "follo" is like a wigger.  Boy!  Didn't know they were so sensitive!  Plus, they've got the political muscle in Washington to protect them from such typed-out verbal onslaughts!  Good for them.  They must be House Follo's...

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