Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Atari 8-bit Emulator ---> Satan's Hollow

Boy!  This blog post must be cursed!  But by what?  And for whom?  Anyway, while you're waiting for your flaky quote unquote "Facebook friends" to send you new lives 'n stuff, sometimes you just gotta blast some daemons.  Especially if they're in control of your network.  Well, that's where "Stan's Hollow" ... "Satan's Hollow" comes in.  I never played this one in the arcade, mind you.  If they were making this one today, you'd definitely go up that hill in your ship to the big house!  No, this is the minions of Hell in the guise of a Space Invaders - Phoenix - Gorf type deal here.  Demon Attack, but with the big man himself.  I'm getting good at hitting him just after the theme song finishes.  Shoot at the thousands digit at the right moment, and you'll hit him, and avoid all that red spear and yellow sphere nonsense.
Now I'm one of these people who would live their lives completely the same over and over again if I had to, and I probably don't.  But I do consider it one of the great failings of my life that I consistently chose level 1 of play over level 9.  I mean, level 9's hard!  It's hard work!  And plus, you keep getting blowed up and all that!  I just HATE that!  So I'm trying to make up for lost time by playing level 9 now... oh, and on a technical note, I'm using disk 60 from the Mushca collection, because the official unofficial Satan's Hollow ROM for the Atari emulator doesn't load.  Okay, on to the next.

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