Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Candy Crush Jelly

...the rumours were true!  The King game syndicate have branched out even further!  Are they not overdue to be hoisted upon their own petard?  Well, Candy Crush Soda used to be the hot game to be involved with, but clearly now Jelly has taken that place.  Quasi 3-D effects when scrolling from level to level... however, they seem to have used the same game engine as Soda.  Regular Candy Crush programmers must be feeling pretty damn left out right now.  I'm only at about level 25 currently... and nothing's loading tonight!  Fuddruckers!

Oct. 29 - what's happening to the internet?  I mean, Candy Crush Regular and Candy Crush Soda load fine and dandy... but not Jelly.  I get as far as the special "Loading..." screen, but I apparently have to wait a couple hours for the level to actually load.  That must be quite a level!  But that's the nature of the gamer... just gotta keep trying

Jan. 12, 2017 - Hmm!  Haven't written much about this one.  But I just noticed something... the inbox.  Sometimes it'll say I have two messages, so I go to open the inbox and... nothing.  But mostly what happens is what happened today.  I actually had two messages and, well... it's all pleas for assistance.  Get to the next level, needing free lives... where's MY free lives?  I mean, WHERE ARE THEY?  WHERE THE F..........

Mar. 4, 2017 - I think I found a glitch...
...found it again.  Seems to have to do with the frosting.  And they want to get rid of Flash player altogether!  For shame, internet!  What are you gonna replace it with?  Blender?  Don't make me laff!

5/10/17, 12:56am - ...hmm!  Wonder if I make a reference to Russia here, if this blog will get swamped with traffic from a certain country that... anyway, quick update time.  I'm stuck on level 302, and I have a feeling I'm going to be here a while.  Why, you might ask?  Well, I'll tell you.  Because it's a hard level, but not just that, mind you... it's a SUPER hard level!  And honestly, it doesn't seem that much harder, but I'll take their word for it.  No new feature to worry about, no multiple screens to conquer.  We used to call it "page-flipping" a long time ago... scrolling aside, I know.

3/8/'18 - No, really, I do hate to be one of those blgoggggoer ... bloggers that does nothing but complain all the time, but I'm too busy playing the games in between complaints!  This time, I'm trying to load C. C. Jelly, as the kids call it... but it won't load.  In case any King (TM) developers see this, it's not going.  It's been stuck on "Adding Jelly" for the longest time now.  Must be a problem with the new release or something.  Check on it.  Also, I'm stuck on Level 721 in Soda world.  Guess I better keep playing.  Haven't sprung for boosts yet on that one, sorry.

3/26/'18 - Back!! Okay, there's yet another new wrinkle.  They've decided to do like Tetris Battle and have a merit system.  You earn points for doing things you're doing already because you're addicted.  You earn points just for playing a level?  Puh-leeze.  Oh, you also earn points for any stars you collect, and any moves you don't use.  I'm at level 29 myself, started at 28.  That and ten bucks will get you something from Starbucks.

4/29/'18 - ...oh!  Is this the blogging equivalent of a herpes outbreak or what?  I've been updating more than I thought.  Anyway, ... oh, and those purple boxes seem to be gone.  Kudos to the Thailand debugging team, by the way.  I'm currently stuck on 733 in Soda, 594 in Jelly and... well, frankly, I haven't checked into Classic Candy Crush in the longest time!  I don't know why... it's not like checking in with Farmville.  See, Farmville takes forever now, because they have to load about 1.5 gigs of .dll files to handle all the visual stuff happening and what not.  Guess I've just developed better life habits or something.  But I just wanted to let you know I'm still plugging away, and that level 594... see, I normally like these Queen's Jelly levels, but this one's too restrictive!  Also, her jelly's hidden under the biscuits at the bottom of the screen.  Otherwise, I would've beaten it.  Looks like I have to use all my powerups again to get past this one.

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