Saturday, August 6, 2016

Atari Emulator -> Steeple Jack

English Software Inc. presents "Steeple Jack."  I do like their "Jet Boot Jack."  That was a fun game.  Also "Air Strike II."  But this one?  I hate to sound like Donald Trump, but... the hero in this is kinda fragile.  I prefer video game heroes that aren't so fragile.
I mean, everything kills you in this game.  A gap in the ladders kills you.  The diagonally moving Pac-Man reject kills you.  The dropping rainbow fireball from the sky kills you.  What's there to live for exactly?
...okay, the sound's pretty cool.  They should've done Ms. Pac-Man's sound for the Atari.  Also, if you go to the bottom of the screen, it doesn't kill you.  Unlike, say, "Diggerbonk."

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