Monday, October 9, 2017

Branephart (TM) for October, or Today We Say Goodbye to A Living Legend...

So many games on Facebook to play, so little time, so little space left on my PC hard drive.  Now, as you can tell from the orange arrow, two did caught... catch my eye(s).  First of all, there's Horny Fish, obviously, in between Travel Quest and 777: The Devil's Slot Machine Brother.  But what's that other one?  You know, with the demented looking man-frog hybrid?  An angry frog with Redneck teeth?  What could that be called?  Angry Frog?  Frog's Revenge?  Fiery Frogs from France, in which you take revenge on humans by preparing humans' legs for your new alien overlords to eat in their new Satanic restaurant?  No, nothing so fanciful, of course.  No, that one's called... wait for it... Everwing.  Lots of games with names like that on the ever-widening, yet less diverse, gamescape.  Neverfall, Foreverdream, Skywater, Aftercastle, Beforemaze... they practically write themselves at this point!  What about the Pink Bunkadoo?  Where's the whimsy, the lack of sexiness?

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