Monday, January 30, 2012

Gubble 2

Oh, Gubble 2, how I once played you. I had to play all your levels... even that really hard, annoying one where there's about 200 guns shooting at you with your every step. I don't know what the secret was, but I finally figured it out. I don't remember the big finale or anything... but perhaps that's for the best. So how did I first hear about Gubble? Well, I went into a Barnes and Noble once... perhaps you've heard of it. What a quaint notion, buying books from a store. They also sold software in boxes, can you believe it? And there was an interesting looking box called Gubble. My kind of game. I tend not to go for the manly games featuring guys with guns. Gubble wasn't like that, but arguably munitions are involved. Why, even the CD for Gubble 2 says "non-violent game play." Non-violent game play? Just because your enemies know how not to leave marks doesn't mean violence isn't involved. Why, even an IQ test can inflict emotional damage in the right context! I know, but I'm just that sensitive sometimes. I don't think it said it on the original Gubble 1 box I bought, but the creative mastermind behind Crystal Castles made Gubble. Sounds about right. Love that game as well. A toast to Franz Lanziger!

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