Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Admit it, Ladies..............................

There I go again.  Well, inciting a gender war is a blogger's most important function.  Seriously, though, who plays a game like this?  I bet more ladies play it than males!  Incidentally, why don't they ever have a "Females Only game."  Oh, what, that's not exciting enough?  It's like guys on Facebook who comment on the hot pics of sexy ladies... who would do that?  What's there to gain from it?  Certainly nothing if your boss were to ever read it, unless your boss is Bob Guccione or something.  Guess I'm just conservative that way.  Somehow I don't feel the need to post comments like "Ur so hot" or "Nice boobs."  Sorry, I mean Nice 80085... hmm!  Wonder if I've made a similar comment before.  Gotta be a way to make that process simpler.

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