Friday, October 24, 2014

Candy Crush ... SODA

Welp, I finally took the plunge (so to speak), but only because I thought there'd be some kind of cross-over deal where you get some Candy Crush bonuses for playing, you know the drill.  Apparently not.  But I'm with all the raving critics: King has another hit on their hands.  This'll be responsible for their second $500,000 a day.  As for me, well, I can only seem to handle one addicting game at a time.  Reminds me!  I gotta play Getaway! some more before going to bed.  Ah, God bless that laptop in my room

1/12/'16 - ....started up again.  I can stop anytime I want.  Well, I'm at level 38, and I'm just wondering if you need three friends to get to the enxt... next stage or whatever.  So far, not!  The Activision Gods are smiling down upon me

1/25/'16... I'm telling you, I've seen that purple octopus before.  Here's what I'm talking about...
...creepy, right?  What's the deal with the sexy squid?  So, here's where I've seen it before.

 That's right, it's the 1997 classic film "Men in Black."  Oh, and I colored it purple to make it seem more similar.  Guess I better do the blue head dots next.

...another thing for Blogger to work on.
3/13/16, 3:23 pm - Welp, finally passed level 284.  Note to gamers and the developers at King alike: if the power goes out a few seconds before the official victory screen, signifying that you've passed the level... it doesn't register.  Not that I'm complaining much, mind you.  And maybe it's just me, but is the Soda version of the cake bomb in regular C. Crush a little rude?  I mean, is it a sphincter from hell or what?  I'm glad it clears the screen and all, but... I'm just sayin'.  I feel vaguely dirty is all.

3/23/'16, 7:50 pm - Welp, it took me about 65 tries, but I finally beat level 328.  Incidentally, they've got a new feature: some angry turtle that will eat any color of candy you pick.  But he'll... and I'm HOPING it's a he... he'll only do this if you get a certain number of the cyan diamond candies.  Makes me think of how on 'Wheel of Fortune' how they give you the RSTLNE up front in the final round, which just means they're picking harder puzzles now... 

3/26/'16 - Something else I just noticed.  When you cross a color bomb and a wrapped candy in the Soda saga, every candy of the crossed candy's color turns into a wrapped candy.  This is now what happens in REGULAR Candy Crush.  What used to happen is that the color bomb would turn into a wrapped candy and knock out two different colors of candies.  Is this going to throw certain levels off now? 

4/23/'16 - You know, they say that Candy Crush Soda is sodalicious, that you can't help but ask, how delicious is it?  Well, it's sodalicious that they keep getting new and exciting characters to come into the Candy Crush Soda universe.  Take this new guy, for instance... where have I seen HIM before?
............................ah HAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! BUSS-TEDD!!!!!

5/15/16 - Still going.  I'm assuming it still doesn't work in Google Chrome.  Problems with the background, guys!  Fix it.  MEanwile, it still works in Firefox.  Hard to believe, I know...

8/3/'17 - This is probably a silly question, but... how can every third level be one that you'll have to play for the next month?

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