Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nice try

Welp, I studied the ad closely... and then moved on to the one about the toughest games.  Ba-BOOM!  Drumroll please...  Oh, right, the World's Hardest Game.  Well, we all know the world's hardest game is "Rock, Paper, Crashing the International Monetary System" but sure, the second hardest one is this one to the left.  Quite simple, really.  Three colors, three rooms, four blue dots.  Well, first of all, the red is ALREADY in the green, so boom!  It's over.  Busted.  But okay, the grass is always greener, so let's try to get past the blue dots to the other patch of green.  But wait!  The spaces in between the dots is too small!  Our red square cannot pass without assistance.  Here's my only question: do they take Visa?

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