Friday, November 28, 2014

Atari emulator -> Arex

I used to play this one a lot with an actual Atari computer... for some reason, I seem to recall flipping the score twice!  When did I have all that free time?  Maybe I left the computer on overnight or something.  In order to do that, by my hasty calculations... why, you'd have to get to level 241 to do that!  Well, I guess I found such endeavours less boring back then.  Nowadays, I'm in a rush, more or less... but God bless the geniuses who created the ability to save the game state.  Now I always make sure to restart whenever I lose a life.
Anyway, I tried organizing the levels by theme; a little pointless, arguably.  There are some thematic similarities, some that are completely out there.  That level 31 reminds me of that one challenging room in that Montezuma's Revenge, Part 1 game.

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