Monday, September 5, 2016

Atari Emulator -> Starion

From the programmer of Vorrak comes... Starion.  For those of you who thought to yourselves, well... I like Vorrak and Zardon, but I don't like having to use the Basic cartridge to play it.  Isn't there a version entirely in machine language?  Welp, your prayers have been answered.  But man cannot live on the same game alone, so Starion is like a combination of Vorrak/Zardon and, say, Defender.  Or maybe, Mike Potter's much hated (by me) Protector series.  It's much like Vorrak, but you have a different, faster ship.  And you can actually move backwards!  To a fault, that is.  You cannot go past the current level backwards to the last "level."  Forward, always forward.  Also, you must rescue "castaways" with your beam.  Don't worry if you bite it by hitting something that's not blue; the castaways will be fine.  Warning: you can only carry four castaways at a time, and you can only drop them off in one place.  And once you finish depositing all the castaways, well... can someone help me out here?  Are you doomed to wander in Starion land forever and ever amen?

Official Atarimania home of Starion

Official Mushca home of Starion

Starion Energy web site - no relation...

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