Thursday, September 8, 2016

Atari Emulator -> Incoming!!

Mushca Disk 45.  A variation on Air-Sea Battle, but without submarines.  I actually kinda like a game like this, like Alien Swarm (disk 62), where your score depends on how many bullets you shoot.  Or Tail of Beta Lyrae, for a better, messier example.  Here, in INCOMING!!, however, the cost of bullets is far too high.  Sure, you can guide them to your targets and what not, but five or six shots to bring down a helicopter?  That's... that's quite a helicopter!  Either the helicopters are really strong, or your bullets are really weak.  Could be both, actually!  So, helicopters brought down are worth 50 points, and your bullets are worth 10.  Good luck scoring more than 100 points.

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