Sunday, January 15, 2017

Atari Emulator -> Hot Lips

While I'm waiting for Candy Crush (regular) to load, AGAIN... if there's a more perfect game than London Software's "Hot Lips" from 1982, well... I don't want to know about it.  Sure, there's no incentive for checking every thirty minutes, and there's no easy way that Facebook's made to post Hot Lips updates to your feed.  It's from a simpler gaming time, but it's really all a gamer needs to get their adrenalin(e) flowing.  It's well within the Pac-Man family of games, but there's no need to gorge yourself on dots.  Maybe it's more like Crossfire taht way.  There's a bonus thing you have to try and get to, but it's not necessary.  How nice is that?  No pressure, if you make it over to it, fine.  If not, no big deal / whoop.  It's only worth 10 points anyway, and it's not even a power pill!  How rip-off is that?
Other than Smasher, I can't think of a game where you have to try and lure your dumb opponents to their doom.  Maybe it'll come to me.  So, like Pac-Man, you've got four bad guys chasing you, but to get rid of them, you have to get them to pass through the "hot lips" of the title: a giant mouth in the middle of the screen.  If they touch the mouth's white teeth, away they go.  And you get 50 points to boot!  What more do you need?  Oh right... a dis-incentive.  Well, the longer you play, the more red blocks appear in the maze.  You pass through those very slowly, so you have to try and avoid them, because the bad guys will probably get you before you get through even one of those red square devils.  When that happens, you hear your death march, only it's more of the "nyaah nyaah" type.  Also unusual for a video game.

Hot Lips at Mushca

Hot Lips at Atarimania

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