Friday, September 16, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Dan Strikes Back

So, who is this Dan fellow, anyway? And why does he need to strike back? Perhaps Wikipedia knows, as the web has a well-documented nerd bias... okay, Wikipedia doesn't seem to have an official Dan Strikes Back page, but here's one at Atari cave dot com! Definitely a more loving tribute than I can muster for Dan Strikes Back... these giant uploads take forever. As with Pac-Man, where the orange ghost Clyde tends to get me the most due to his erratic unpredictable behaviour, in Dan Strikes Back, the enemy that gets me the most are the randomly flying things that do regular tours of the area being scrolled. They get doubly worse once you collect the Kate diamond at the sixth level and try to work your way back to the top. So who is this Kate, anyway, alluded to at the bottom of the screen? And is it a fitting tribute? We may never know, and I may be the only one who cares... so never mind. Damn, that image is taking forever! ..Finally! Good Lourdes.
p.s. I should mention that I used to play this one a lot.  A fine member of the English Software Company games collection.  Apparently I have an above-average compulsion to beat these games or sump-thing... I know, I know.  Nice try, "The Video Game Fanatic," but the damage is done.

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  1. Kate was a girl I never married... probably for the best.

    ~Simon Hunt (author of DSB)

    1. Wow!!!
      Simon, a 34 years old guy from Chile salutes you!!!
      Amazing game but impossible, I never ended it...
      Thank you for giving us such gift...