Friday, September 16, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Millipede

I never tried Millipede for the Atari 8-bit... and I'm glad I never did. The arcade version is a full-on adrenaline rush. The Atari 8-bit version is as bad as the Crystal Castles 8-bit emulation... slightly better than the Crystal Castles 2600 emulation. Actually, the 2600 emulation of Millipede is preferable to the Atari 8-bit version! Go figure! I'm just glad I didn't plunk down $39.99 for the cartridge, BACK IN THE DAY... No wonder the 400s and 800s failed, as nice as the 400's flat keyboard was. People still want keys to press, no matter how flat they get. Some of the Mac keyboards are getting damn close to the 400 style these days.

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