Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Getaway!

Maybe video games are a habit like smoking or drinking after all... I think I'm more obsessed with the idea of Getaway! than the actual game itself. Not that it's not without its charms. Apparently programmer Mark Reid also got to work on E.T., the Atari 8-bit video game... not the disastrous Atari 2600 cartridge version. Get E.T. out of the hole! And it makes sense: both games involve giant scrolling Graphics 13 four-color fonts. The cop cars get a little too relentless, the re-fueling a little too slow. Some games don't want you to play them too long. And no, I am NOT going to do the entire screen! No time for the fun stuff.

10/22/14...damn.  The internet really does have everything!  Here's a link to the full map of Getaway! 

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