Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Shadow World and Pinhead

Well, while I'm waiting for my Farmville fuel to finish, and waiting for another word in Words with Friends, why not dip back into the seamy underbelly of the Atari Emulator? First up, Shadow World. Got to round 5! Haven't ever flipped the score in this one before... better put it on my to-do list. Then, Pinhead. The Atari version of Kick... I think it was called Kick, from the people who brought you Pac-Man. They now bring you a clown on a unicycle that you control with a trackball. You catch balloons and Pac-Mans... but don't catch the bombs! I gotta go, fuel's almost done. Imagine that! Wheat, soybeans and wool... as long as there's no corn ethanol! Even Farmville wouldn't do that.

2:10am, saturday... Damn! Can't flip the score! Got to 100,000 by not plugging up the active pods as quickly as I problably should of

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