Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ClubWPT online poker

 Actually, it's more for my friend, really.  Of course, they always complain that they like the Zynga poker better, but they still insist on playing this poker, the official online poker of the WPT.  The interface is bad, the graphics aren't superior like Zynga, it's not as fun, and it's too much like real poker.  But they keep playing, God bless 'em!
Here's my complaint, though, and maybe one of the nerds over there can tweak the JavaScript or add a couple lines of CSS3 or something.  I keep having to log out and log back in if I'm logged in.  See, my roommate's very lazy and can't seem to do any of this stuff themselves, so it's always up to me.  But if I'm already logged in and I hit that blue "Play Now" button, it doesn't take me to the various lobbies!  I have to log out, sign back in and retype my password (another complaint) and THEN hit the "Play Now" button to be taken to the three lobbies.  I know, I know, you gotta tweak the SQL on the server to fix it, and that's not your department.  Well, I gotta hand it to you.  When I was briefly in IT, I had to know everything.  Absolutely everything, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I guess I shouldn't have been let in the door in the first place without the ten certifications that every IT person seems to need these days... okay, back to Candy Crush.  The new levels came out today, you know!

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