Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Adventures of Micro-Man, Adventure 1: Crazy Computers!!!!!

Apparently, the gap between what I THOUGHT I've blogged about and what I've ACTUALLY blogged about is still quite wide.  But one thing's for sure: the size of this image file is about six times larger than all the files necessary to run Micro-Man 1, a game by that bloody genius Brian Goble.  His world corporate headquarters seems to have moved from just under the bridge in Seattle, Washington to Redmond, the original home of all things computers, and subsequently, all things beta testing.  They must be doing something right!
As usual, the map here is still a little bit incomplete, so if you take the lower, less-fun path, be sure to take the third zapper to get to the Guided Missiles and Large Energy.  Or, if you're still flying high from the superJump boost, do what I do and just go around the long way!  Either way, you can avoid that first fork in the road.  As much as I like switchbacking and getting hit by those mouths that cling to the wall, I've decided to take the upper path, and drop down to the part with the large energy and power shot.  Fan shot... please.  Ooh!  And I just found out that... nah, you get to figure out that one yourself.  As for me, I can beat it in ten minutes now!  Nyaah nyaah

YouTube version

Official online home of Microman: Hipsoft Games

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