Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dangerous Dave

There once was a man named Dave... no, better stop there.  Don't wanna violate my parole again.  Seriously, though, what kind of video game blog is it where you look up the word 'dangerous' and come up empty?  Well, it's time to remedy that!... I forget how.  Oh, right.  Dangerous Dave.  Not the follow-up episodes available on The Book of Id, but the DOS original.  Why, I set up my Windows XP computer, almost just for that reason!  Incidentally, even though you can go through the door on Level 6 before getting the grail, you shouldn't.  Sure, you get taken to a Warp Zone, but it also causes the game to crash.  Sure, you can still exit the game by hitting 'Esc', but the game's pretty much finished at that point.

Dangerous Dave on the YouTubes... dayamn, YouTube really does have everything.  How about Slordax?  ...yup!  Slordax!  That's how you know your game's successful, kids, when there's YouTube videos of it on YouTube.  Sokoban, for God's sake!

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