Monday, March 6, 2017

Frank Cohen's "Scooter", Level 3

Oh well.  I've got seven days of vacation left.  This isn't exactly what I had in mind for it, but I'm a person what likes to finish what they start.  I mean, it ain't no way to treat a broken heart, but hey!  Looks great on a résumé, am I right folks?  Damn.  Looks like we need a new computer desk.  Anyway, I just realized!  Here's a glitch for ya.  Now, Scooter can duck, but only when he's against a south wall.  I'm assuming he's a "he", most of these video game avatars typically are.  Well, that's for another blog.  See, here's the deal... as with most games where a character can duck, you typically push the joystick down... um, we'll get into joysticks another time.  It's what we used to use to play games with at home, and in an arcade... we'll get into arcades later.  You'll see them in 1980s movies occasionally.  So, you press the down arrow key to move a character down, or if they can duck, to make the character duck.  I think "Jungle Hunt" comes to mind; at least, that one stage/level with the bouncy boulders and the hillside.  Here, you can't duck unless you're against a wall!  If THAT'S not some kind of glitch, well... I don't know what is.  Let's just say it's a runtime error that doesn't crash the whole game, let's put it that way.
The enemies of Level 3?  The birds from "Ghost Chaser."  I mean, why waste perfectly good animation?  I mean, why do it?  The power pills don't work against them, so keep that in mind.  Oh, and there's a new board feature: escalators on the floor.  Whatever you call them.  There's that one on Level 3 of Hard Hat Mack, for one.  It's a rich video game tradition.  Ooh!  They were also in Brewbiz to an extent, but they didn't seem to slow down that avatar by much... and he was obese!  No, seriously, just a Homer Simpson-lookin' fat motherf... a fat guy, basically.  All the fat guy that an 8-pixel-wide avatar would allow.  If Mr. Potato Head were a human fat guy, if you will.  Another anomaly for Frank Cohen, who usually has tall, lanky avatars.  Speaking of Cohen, why is Cohen's Towers so hard to play?  Anyone ever figure out THAT game?  Time to check Youtube for the answer

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