Monday, March 13, 2017

Frank Cohen's "Scooter," Level 8

Wait a minute... is this the LAST level?  There's no level above us now!  The baddies from level 1 are back... I'm still trying to think of how to describe them.  Half robot, half gumball machine... from Hell.  Perfect.  Pardon me, rephrase... FROM HELL. 
And you can't kill them this time, so they're extra deadly, especially when you try to finish the upper left hand corner of the game board, because they can't seem to leave.
Oh, this is the everything level, no question about it!  You got a magnet, one of those transport thingies, a free pass back to Level 7 should you decide to take it, the wavy vents of Brewbiz, the bullet pipes... too bad probably a good thing that this isn't a Letterman bit, because there'd be a Pavlovian ding noise after each thing listed.

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