Monday, March 13, 2017

Frank Cohen's "Scooter," Level 5

Whelp, there it is!  The purple-y level 5.  The balloons on wheels from level 1 are back.  The only new feature (visible) is that there's a transport that will take you from one isolated part of the level to another... I'm pretty sure it's a Fire Code hazard.  You know, only the movie Spaceballs seems to address the fact that non-Jason Statham-based transporters of matter might malfunction.  I mean, every thing man-made, made by men (and women) eventually breaks down, right?  Take our crumbling infrastructure, for one.  As Republican politicians often say, "Our infrastructure is crumbling... and getting crumbling-er."  But let's leave that aside for now, because there is a whimsical side to "Scooter"'s new-fangled transports.  When you step on one of these transports, well... my words fail to do it justice.  Probably.  Needles to say, these transports seem a lot less high-tech when you pass through them.  Good gaming tip: once you use them, you can't use them for a couple seconds, thereby giving you ample time to stomp on the dots inevitably near their entrance.

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