Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Blue Print

Have a bad case of the blues? Need a good game to play with some nice blues-y music? Why not try "Blue Print"?... actually, maybe it's not the best game to play when you got the blues. It gets harder awfully fast, and frankly, the whole idea of a video game with a bomb in it makes me uncomfortable. Also, like, there's totally racist undertones, right? I mean, check out that dude's suit! Totally trying to be a zoot suit. Sad that a whole era gets besmirched like that.
Or, maybe I'm misinterpreting the whole thing. I am just a blogger, after all. Damn, I don't want to go blind. My eyes sure are tired for some reason, I'll concede that. Don't even feel like reading a damn book! Delay, delay...

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