Friday, August 26, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Hard Hat Willy

No, not the Electronic Arts classic Hard Hat Mack, but rather the Bruce Thompson Graphics 2-based epic Hard Hat Willy. Genius. Bloody genius. You start off with spirals in a sky. Pure insanity. Then, the centipede comes. You have to hit it with the thing on top of your head. What kinda game is this? And then, the big reveal: you're stuck in a giant scrolling maze! And the pieces of the centipede you didn't get come back to haunt you... more importantly, they steal your hard hats! Anyway, you gotta clear the walls and bash the eggs with your hard hats. If you don't bash the eggs, these evil orange Pac-Mans burst forth from them and kill you... unless you got the white he and kill them right back. And to think... I don't read instructions anyway, but I had an illegal copy of this game and didn't know that you could kill the orange things with a white hard hat. So many wasted afternoons. For some reason, I'm making up for lost time now. I wonder when the double points thing goes away? I think it eventually does.. or does it pay to save it til level 8? Not necessarily. Level 2's a waste of it, though. Maybe save it til level 5 or 6 when you have to get those two diamond thingies. Anyway, with my new PC Atari emulator, I've also scored a million points by cheating and saving my games, so I haven't lost any Willys either. Oh, and I suppose I wouldn't be a proper blogger if I didn't point out that Willy's some kind of radish from hell with eyes and legs that your college roommate left in the petri dish behind the microwave too long.

Bruce Thompson's home at Atarimania Seems like all these great Atari programmers had only one or two great games in them... and then they were discarded like so many used coffee grounds. Not Sid Meier, though. He will never cease to be relevant.


  1. Do you know how to complete Level 8?

  2. Seriously? Well, it's kinda complicated, but you go up to this place where there's a green triangle. You get rid of your hat, then the bird picks you up and you travel to the left, doing the opposite maneuver you did in level 4. You drop and catch this bar just before you crash, and the bird drops you off, where you clear the last eight walls, and get the two hearts... it's possible. I forget where you get the hat to do it, but it'll be there...

  3. If you're still interested, I've just created a new JPEG of the final section of level 8... a new post on Jan. 17