Friday, August 12, 2011

Real Life

Wait a second! I played a REAL game today! Happened to find myself at the local Indian casino. A fine buffet to be had, but I really should just stick to either chicken or beef... probably beef. I mean, chicken. Or what's that other thing? Dessert! That's it. Maybe bring a moist towelette. Man, did the fried chicken get on my fingers today. Anyway, after that part of the day, I made the mistake of thinking I was still hot sh... stuff on a slot machine. I bought in for five bucks. The machines will just gobble up the money right there. Not so at Tulalip, last time I checked. Needles to say, I lost, ... well, I won 15 cents. Didn't have the heart to cash in the ticket. Some other lucky so and so can make a mint. But even if I did win lots of money, the wafting cigarette smoke would ultimately bring me down.
In other video game doings, I finally broke down and tried to go straight for the level 10 jugular on Crystal Castles. I got as far as the Impossible Staircase.. no, wait. I got past the I.S. and made it to Nasty Tree. I think it's another Hidden Spiral after that, then Berthilda's Dungeon, and finally the end. All other Crystal Castles emulators suck. Atari computer: suck. Atari 2600: SUCK!!!!! Can't bring myself to play that one. How dare they consider it one of the 80 classic games.

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