Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Rainbow Walker

You know, a very foolish person once asked me why I'm replaying a video game that I've already beaten. Any hardcore gamer knows the answer to that question, and why it's so foolish... don't they? Actually, it's probably just me. Guess I'm too cheap to invest in an Xbox 360 like I should, or a Playstation 3 or whatever the hell is the modern equivalent of the Atari 2600. Ah, the experiences we share as a global community these days.
Anyway, this Steve Coleman fella... he was a nut. And I should know, because I'm a nut! And nuts of a feather tend to find each other and stick together. Whew! Thank God that eventually rhymed. His two classics, Pharaoh's Curse and Rainbow Walker, they're what we call fuzzy game play, especially that Pharaoh's Curse. In Pharaoh's Curse, you can walk through some of the walls and climb up them as though they were ladders. You don't have quite as many outs or cheats with Rainbow Walker, now that I think of it. You just gotta be damn good. It helps to just be damn good at the game. Now if only the bonus rounds went a little faster...

1/9/2013 - ...You know, I think this may be my best score ever!

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