Friday, November 18, 2011

Atari Emulator -> K-Razy Shootout

Well, I've been on a bit of a tear lately. This FarmVille is getting increasingly time-intensive. I'm going to have to hire an intern to play for me! My 9 o'clocks haven't been mine lately. I'm on the West coast, so the big change-over happens for me at nine, and I can start leeching off other peoples' bushels again. Oh! And I just upgraded my silo from 150 to 300, so I can finally take advantage of all the damn trees I got... sad, isn't it? And now it's spreading to something called "Words with Friends." Gotta get that out of my system now. But I am addicted to waiting for the next word to appear. Gotta learn to go for the triple word or triple letter scores, of course. If I were the Scrabble people, I'd sue!
Anyway, enough of these so-called "modern" games. Let's put another footstep into the past. I'm back to "Spiele 36" which features Activision's upgrade of Enduro called The Great American Road Race... something like that. Well, I do need my racing game fix. Fuel, cops, crashes... it's got it all. Enduro with a few more bells and whistles.
And then, of course, the game of the week. I might have blogged about this one before, but it's worth blogging about again. A more structured version of Berzerk called K-Razy Shootout, and there's something faintly Christian about it. Well, for starters, you get punished if you leave a level early, which also includes not waiting for the last robot to completely explode. And then, you have to do the whole level all over again and NOT SCORE ANY POINTS for it!!! Smacks of Sunday school, somehow. At one point, I distinctly remember taking advantage of the Atari emulator, and saving my position in K-Razy Shootout. All the way up to level 7, when things thankfully slow down again! But I do have some faint, fond memories of actually getting to level 6 on my Atari 1200 XL, and freaking out at the extreme speed of those damn robots! Love that game. I think I might have to rebuild my collection of saved states. Don't know what I did with the previous ones.

Sunday - GEEZ! FINALLY!!!! Finally beat level 7... I'm sorry, I mean "Sector 7." Finally entered Sector 8. Somehow, Sector 8's worse. The robots aren't as fast, but they shoot as fast. And frankly, I'm totally lost when it comes to dodging crossfire. I guess I wouldn't make a good infantry in war. I'd run right into a bullet, for God's sake! Ever do that when you're playing? Oh, I forgot to mention that K-Razy Shootout's probably the only machine language game in Graphics 5 mode. Crockford's Galahad and the Holy Grail is in Graphics 3... that's all I can think of off the top. Most use redefined characters of one stripe or another, generally.
In general, Sector 7 of K-razy Shootout is not a good game to play at 1:30 in the morning. It gets one too amped up. How are you supposed to sleep after that? Egg-xactly.
Damn. Waiting on Words with Friends again... this'll take forever, damn it!

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