Saturday, November 12, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Kissin' Kousins

This may be the craziest game I've ever played. I'm of course just lucky I've got the version with unlimited lives. I lost about 500 my first try. Not a lot of kissin'! A lot of jumpin' and bitin' the bullet. There's worms, crabs, springy things, and they're ALL DEADLY! There's the bat from Pitfall II. You've got the avatar from Montezuma's Revenge but without the Mexican hat. Personally, I don't want to play a game where you have to shoot the bad kangaroo. Not many of those games. In Flip and Flop, you ARE the kangaroo. Well, just in the odd-numbered levels. In the even ones, you're the monkey. Anyway, if all that stuff on the ground wasn't enough... they got planes flying by dropping bombs on you! I don't think I got a chance to get killed by one of those, though. The stuff on the ground was plenty. Plenty of obstacles standing still that kill you too! Shrubs, brick walls, garbage cans with self-lifting lids. Love it. May I never play it again. I kept trying with Blue Max again... doesn't work. If you bomb one of the final three things, it breaks the computer. Sorry, Blue Max, but I'll just have to remember your finale. A lot of these Synapse games are real smart-asses with their various ranks. Runway sweeper, kamikaze trainee... Of course, if you don't make it off the runway, what kind of kamikaze training is that?

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