Friday, April 17, 2015

A Bone to Pick

Okay, so who's at fault here?  Is it Firefox and Chrome?  Is it Adobe?  Is it Facebook?  Am I really doomed to spend the rest of my days playing Zynga Poker on the now-defunct Internet Explorer?
I've rebooted after downloading the "latest" Flash player.  Adobe says it's version 17, but Flash says it's version 10.  Chrome says I need at least 10.1.0 to run.  Well, maybe I'll just have to live without Tetris Battle and Clash of Candies, but my dad's depending on that Zanga Poker!  What's he supposed to do, go play actual poker instead?  Nurtz to that!  There's only one solution: hire me on the Adobe Tech Support team so people who talk to me can say "... is there someone here who actually knows something?  Anyone at all?"  At which point they'll move on to "Oh!  I didn't know bags of steer manure could wear clothing and speak!  Interesting!  You learn something new every day!"

(later) Help is here, maybe!

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