Thursday, April 16, 2015

Diggy's Adventure

Well, I hate to question the wisdom of the job creators, but to me, an adventure does have an ending.  An adventure that never ends is what they call a desk job.  Also, that maze doesn't look terribly exciting, but that's just me.  I know the type of computer code it takes to generate that.  Any programmer worth their weight in stock options will tell you as such.
10/7/'17 - ...boy, I must be desperate.  Well, I tried Diggy's Adventure a little bit, and... boy, I haven't played one of those games in a while where stuff appears and you have to roll the mouse over it to collect them.  Coins, stars, what have you... Also, I hate to say it, but it's not my idea of a game adventure.  You got that professor guy who's always two or three steps ahead, and he's kinda pointing you to the next thing.  You do all the hard work of digging and smashing stuff, and he's there, waiting for you to hurry up and finish already.  I feel like such a dumb slowpoke.

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