Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I'm not a big believer in first impressions anymore.  I know you have only one chance to make one and all that, but there's other factors at work, I'm saying.  Take Trevor Noah, for example.  He's going to be the new host of The Daily Show with Stew Beef at some point.  Sure, the First Impression dynamic is at work, but what about the Second and Third and Fourth?  Is The Daily Show going to make a smooth transition between these two hosts?  Of course, I'm still scratching my head over how Adam Sandler was able to build and retain an audience for his concerts and what not.
Which brings us to Juice / Pipeline by Arti Haroutunian, author of the meh-Amidar clone Kid Grid.  When I played this at first many moons ago, I admittedly wasn't impressed.  What, another Q*Bert clone by way of Flip and Flop?  It's just not the same without the purple meanies blowing my mind with their alternate gravity!  And yet.... here we are again.  I took a second look at Juice and, I gotta say, compared to Kid Grid, the game play's like, a zillion times better.  Also, the music pointed the way for Datasoft's Zorro and The Goonies
But mainly I'm just a sucker for tough levels.  I had to find out if there's a level beyond six on Juice.  (Spoiler alert: no)  Also, I appreciate the fourth level being not as tough as the others.  Of course, I'm a guy in a hurry so I eventually had to use saved states to really beat the sixth level.  And sure, it's a little depressing because the red balls of Q*Bert have been replaced here by multi-colored guys jumping with a lot less "free will" than the red balls of Q*Bert.

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