Monday, May 16, 2011

Atari - Agent U.S.A.

Why, it's my patriotic duty to play this game! I think the creative animation genius behind Dr. Katz had something to do with this game. You play Agent U.S.A., the White Hat Messiah who's come to save the day. It's almost a perfect organic system: you grow crystals to fight the Fuzz Menace, a gentle swipe at television. You need one hundred crystals to destroy the queen bee central Fuzz, and you need crystals to change fuzz people back into normal black hats with legs. Trouble is, the black hats with legs also like the crystals, and they can use them to turn fuzz people back to normal as well. Almost a perfect organic system. But every once in a while you're able to grow crystals unfettered, as long as you keep pushing people onto the trains. I get pretty aggressive that way. What can I say? I'm an alpha male in an omega male body... or I guess I should say, meat bag. That's cutting edge lingo, I'm afraid. Pretty sick. Okay, back to the thesis. Elma Sniddle forever!!


  1. Hello,

    if anybody interested - the remake od the "Agent USA" is under production now.
    Please visit:

    and wish us luck:)

  2. Good luck! Remember: keep development time down to a minimum. Gotta get that shit out there, man!