Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Tetris Battle...

Frankly, I dunno who's responsible for it. I thought Atari owned the rights. I know Pajitnov came up with the original Tetris some 20 odd years ago. Makes you wonder who REALLY won the Cold War! Speaking of politics... I hate to get political, but frankly I'm too burned out on politician sex scandals to get worked up about Ahnold Schwarzenegger's illegitimate baby. He's a celebrity! He gets lots of tail, I'm sure... or, at least, many offers of it that he must try to refuse. But you do gotta hand it to Clinton; at least he knew when to pull out! Drumroll... but that's what politics has come down to. David Vitter, John Ensign about to resign, Gov. Sanford, Larry Craig, that guy from Oregon, Goerge H.W. Bush... they're starting to pile up! Anyway, yes, hare of the video game that bit me. But I tried to surprise myself by only playing about four or five rounds instead of maxing out my full power allotment. And I did it! I tell you, though, there's nothing like really getting your ass kicked in Tetris Battle. Oh, if you get knocked out, like, two or three times, no hope of catching up. And sometimes you decide to just fill up the screen yourself! Save the other guy the trouble. Doesn't happen too often to me. I gotta work to win my bouts. Also, I set my map to random for two reasons: 1, because it's more interesting (I just love losing on that Egyptian guy puzzle!) and 2 because it's easier to win. If it's just an empty screen, I don't seem to win at a level higher than 10. Oh well. Okay, that's all I got about that. The cat just came in at 1 in the morning, with his tail really puffed out, but he doesn't seem to have any holes in him, and now he's in my lap. And I got hella homework to do. Ciao!

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