Monday, May 30, 2011

Facebook->Treasure Madness

Oh, Treasure Madness... what happened to you, man? You used to be cool... Actually, that's not true. But I confess I did pump my share of Visa into it, I'm ashamed to say. Can't remember the last time I played it now. All these things have a bit of a shelf life, apparently. Well, I've taken Farmville and Tetris Madness... Battle about as far as they'll go today, so why not visit the ol' TM stomping grounds? That is, until I got the Flying Ball one too many times. These things are supposed to be easy now! Streamlined even. All anxieties removed. For a while there they even got rid of Jewel Drop and Chestris so players wouldn't suffer the agony of having to use the KEYBOARD, God forbid. All mouse-based games. Gotta like the Memory game, of course. I was kinda hoping I'd get to play Squarenigma, but it never came up. PRobably for the best. Maybe they just scrapped it altogether. Now it's all Maya Gems, yet another variation on Bejeweled. God bless the video game clones, every last one of 'em. Why, I remember way back when I first got Windows 95. Video games came on CD-Roms back then, if you can believe it! They had a Bejeweled clone... oh, wait. No, it was a thing where you'd get sets of three gems that needed to be strategically placed. Also, I played an HP game for a while a long time ago that involved swapping gems, getting some to fall into the right place... no! It's too late. No time to look it up now. It's well past my 2am bedtime as it is. Gotta wrap this puppy up.

7/26/'17, 8:48pm -  ...okay, no pic.  For whatever reason, Firefox really really doesn't want me posting a pic right now.  Better reboot, I guess...

 There we go!  Just a refresh is what the doc ordered.  Well, I'm back on the white stallion again... something like that.  I noticed a glitch, Treasure Madness programmers.  Of course, by 2020 it'll be a moot point, as Flash is going to be officially gone by then.  Sad. :( .  But a certain duo with JcPenney as a client will get by somehow!  That much I know.  You probably can't see the glitch that I see, but who cares anyway.  I believe it's a mask issue, a Flash masking issue.  But really, who wants to go back and tinker with that crap?  SOOO not worth it.

9/8/'17 - Has it been six weeks or so already?  Dayang.  Welp... what was my big insight?  Oh, right.  I finally decided to spend some of those "bucks" you get in the game.  All these games have them now, of course.  And all these games have some kind of upgrade as well.  Several, of course.  Nothing lately connected to hurricane relief.  FarmVille ought to get into that some more again.  Tis the season!  Anyway, I upgraded my "backpack" from 100 to 150.  Now I'm getting inundated with these offers, these "special" offers to buy more stuff, of course.  Funny how these games reflect my situation in life.  In the games and in real life, I'm scrambling around, just trying to hang onto a few thousand dollars.  Like comedian John Witherspoon, I too am a "thousand-aire."  So too in these games.  I guess it's starting to get to me or something...
 9/13/'17 - This says more about me, of course, but every time I see this now, I think it says "Explore wonderful curves on TM."  Why couldn't I play that game instead?  No, I gotta be stuck with this grid bullsh... nonsense.  Oh well.  Better check to see if I've got six health points yet!  It's been five minutes...

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