Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Facebook ---> Tetris Battle

Something a little more modern.
1:45am - Is it not time for some Tetris Battle?
...2:29am - Oh, right! It was. Unfortunately for me, the party's moved elsewhere. Too many desperate TetrisBattle-ians trying to climb that ladder, in the hopes of jumping off it with a golden parachute, I suppose. Oh, you don't want to go against one of them, so desperate for a revenge they'll never satiate they are. I should know: I'm one of 'em! Used to be when I would play it this late at night, an A.I. program would kick in that could play the game against me quickly, but not very well, improperly inflating my status. Guess I'm right where I deserve to be now, at about 23 stars. Brother, losing stars has got me down. They don't know the two thirds of it. But that's how it goes, you know. I'm saving up so I can buy one of those week long tickets so I can really hook myself into the game, ya know? ...I wonder how many calories I burn playing this game? Probably not that many. I'm a tad overweight myself, flirting with 200 pounds again. I know, poor me. Okay, better get my ass off to bed.

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