Friday, May 25, 2012

Sokoban - Levels 11-20

Level 11: I can tell already... I'm going to need that empty chamber of 3x2 spaces.  This is a good one for electronics students.  Always gotta keep the circuit open so the boxes can flow.  The black space is a little more challenging this time, but I've dealt with plenty of these in my time and I think I remember how to put them in in the right ordeur.....

Level 12: Regularity.  But once again, the problem of which box to push first.... oh, it couldn't be that easy, could it?  Left,down,left,down... then out?  Alas, it's just the beginning.  The black space requires a bit more planning than I first did..............

Level 13: Another bastid!  Unlucky at that.  But I think I remember how to do it.  Push the box above you up and to the left, make the letter "i"....
(1:19am) - Boy, is this a tough one!!!
(1:28am) - Phew!  Finally did it.  Just don't ask me how.

Level 14: Sorry, I can't do this right now.  Gotta hit the hay.
Let me just say this about Level 14: they're VERY serious about portions of the maze as valves!  1215 moves, 287 pushes!  Highest ratio ever!
...ah hah..  A little extra fun for me.  I didn't save level 15 and had to do 14 over again... just thought you'd like to know.  This is a blog after all, isn't it?

Level 15: The new wrinkle: boxes pre-loaded onto the black spaces!  Damn, they're good.

Level 16: Nothing particularly innovative here, but still tough as hell.  As usual, make good use of your lack of space.

Level 17: Ah, simplicity itself for a change.  Machine language programmers like this one, as it reminds them of loading stuff into the accumulator.  At least getting the boxes into the black space is easy!

Level 18: Again, two separate black space groups to fill.  I'm guessing I probably have to pick their order very carefully.......................... Trickier than I thought!  I misjudged the path the boxes have to follow...

Level 19: Brilliant!!!  I have to do the whole level over again just because of the LAST BOX AT THE TOP BEING AGAINST THE WALL,.......

Level 20: Sequel to unlucky Level 13.  I can already tell this one's going to require a lot of moves.  You're going to have to use BOTH rooms to move the boxes into, of course.  Call this one "Chambers of the heart."
Yup!  2085 moves, 574 pushes.  At least putting the boxes into place in the black space is easy.

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