Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sokoban - Levels 1-10

Phooey.  Scanned documents are done.  Time to start up another batch.  Which is good, because I want to leave the room while it's going.  As quiet as this scanner is, it still gets loud after a while.
Anyway, a game is probably beloved if there is a YouTube video of it.  Chances are.  Pushy Pig, not so much.

Level 1: Introductory level.  Six boxes.   Did it in 243 moves and 97 pushes.  If there's a more optimal way, I don't wanna know about it.  All I know is I wasn't able to program a good algorithm that could find it!!!!

Level 2: There's still plenty of space around the black spaces where the boxes go, but as you find with most of these levels, the boxes move in spurts, from chamber to chamber like a caterpillar crawling.  The key is to find that path that the boxes MUST travel, and you have to dance around like a bumblebee.

Level 3: Congestion.  Which box to push first?  I can't remember.... got it!  365 moves, 140 pushes.  I always like to push the boxes to the black spaces on the side so the last ones I can push straight in.  Save the easy part for last.  Right, Daniel Goleman?

Level 4: The Four Rooms.  The trick is to utilize the space you already have... I know, I gave away too much.

Level 5: Congestion.  Which box to push first?  It won't be the last, believe me.  You learn rather quickly that if you've got four boxes pushed together in a square shape, in a grid 2 by 2... you're buggered.

Level 6:: Which to push first?  Too many choices... damn, too easy.  The key is to line up the boxes next to each other in rows in the room on the right.

Level 7: Finally!  Two entrances into the black space.  The key here, of course, is knowing in what order to place the boxes so that all the spaces are accessible.

Level 8: Not particularly special.   Getting the boxes into the black spaces seems easy enough... but is it?  Probably not.  As usual, the tough part comes first, picking the right box to move, then the tedious part, moving the rest along the perimeter... I mean, the right path to the black spaces

Level 9: I'm reminded of the second level of Tutankhamun for some reason... don't forget now!  There's the one blue space in amongst the black spaces!  kewl...

LEvel 10: Who cares?  I'm leaving that E the way it is.  Finally!  Two separate black spaces.  Plus, the epic hugeness of it all.  I mean, for a Sokoban level, of course.  It's not Quake we're talking about, after all.

Okay, on to the next ten...

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