Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sokoban - Levels 41-50

It's been quite a ride............

Level 41: I say this every time, but this one sure LOOKS easy..........  Finally!  GEEBUS!!

Level 42: The Oval.  I was dreading this one... good challenges!  Navigating the arrangement of boxes, and figuring out where to place the boxes first in the black spaces

Level 43: The melted 3x3 grid!

Level 44: This one better be easy, although I seem to remember slaving over it for a really long time.... whew!  I only feel like a partial dumbass now.

Level 45: Whew!  Did that one fast.

Level 46: The Trough.

Level 47: The... The Pill?  I gotta go... Well, at least I know now which one to place last.

Level 48: The Checkerboard. LOOKS easy...... whew!  Nailed it.

Level 49: The... Gamma?  The Spaceship?  Looks vaguely like a Greek letter.  Thank God there's not that many boxes... still took me three tries.

Level 50: And finally... the last level.  I remember that this one's tricky because of the black spaces.  You have to load the boxes very VERY carefully.

Phew!  Phinally phinished.  But I'm not going to tell you how I did it... CURSES!!!

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