Friday, May 25, 2012

Sokoban - Levels 21-30

Oh, these are like Lay's potato chips somehow.

Level 21: More valves, and the kind that require immediacy and much repetition.

Level 22: Grandiose!  Expansive!!  ...but I'm going to do it later.  I wanna see if I can sneak in a nap here.  Probably not.  My boss is watching.

Level 23: Hmmmm..... looks a lot like Level 20.  Should be easy then!
1305 moves, 494 pushes.  A lot less!

Level 24: The inverted crucifix!  Lord help us all.

Level 25: Has there been one yet where two black space groups are the same size?  If not, it's coming.  I can feel it.

Level 26: (spoiler alert) I should've known.  You do the one lone square fourth to last!  Also, I like the upper-left hand room because you have to make a row of blocks, then shift everything up one... that's how I roll, anyhow.

Level 27: This looks very familiar...

Level 28: This one looks nasty!  The trick is in how the boxes are loaded into the black space.  A little tricky... at least for the likes of me

Level 29: Another nasty one!  But I think I remember how to load the boxes in.... no, I didn't.  I forgot the cardinal rule again: always use all available space, even if it doesn't seem like available space at first...

Level 30: Ah HAH!  A box on non-black space surrounded by black space.  Man, this game's too complicated... I remember this one from a long time ago, when it once took me forever.  Let's see if the ol' synapses remember anything.
Whew!  That took longer than it should of. (sic)  I was a little distracted because I'm simultaneously having the best night of my life in Zynga Poker in a long time.  Gotta keep that streak going.  Once again, I forgot the cardinal rule of using ALL AVAILABLE SPACE.  Also, the cubes go in reverse order out of the "valves".  Tricky!  Whoever put these levels together were artists.

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