Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sokoban - Levels 31-40

Damn!  I gotta get this done tonight... or I'll try my damnedest to do so.

Level 31: The Gnarly Goal.  Too many paths to the black space, too many ways to screw it up.  I love it.

Level 32: Simple enough.  It's the placing of the boxes in the black space that's tricky.

Level 33: Got it on one try!... maybe two

Level 34: Damn near circular shape!

Level 35: Don't forget to use the reservoir tip to fill in the space!

Level 36: Looks simple enough... is the path long enough for the boxes?  I hope so!
Man!  Finally figured out that middle-left room.  Just keep thinking: valves.

Level 37: Looks too familiar.  But there's probably some unique wrinkle to it I'm forgetting... nope.  Well, I guess the one box at the top was kinda unique, but otherwise it's a pretty easy level.

Level 38: Puh-leeeeze... okay, I take that back.  Even the easiest-looking Sokoban level takes time.  622 moves, 173 pushes!  If there's a shorter solution... it's probably on YouTube.

Level 39: Son of the Four Rooms.  Only it's bigger, meaner, with more boxes, and ventilation shafts in between the rooms.  I'll have to do it later.  Movie time!

Wow!  Did it in one take.  I was extra careful this time.

Level 40: No discernible pattern, except for the diagonal of boxes.  Maybe they call this one "Canned Corn" like in Championship Lode Runner.

Whew!  As Flanders would say, this one's a head-diddly-scratcher!  Finally figured it out, though... damned if I can describe it.

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