Friday, June 8, 2012

Atari emulator -> Jumpman, Level 15: Grand Puzzle II

SPOILER ALERT time again.  Let me re-write this this way... Get gem #1 to make an upward rope appear in Prize Chamber A.  Get gem #2 to clear the path you must walk before getting gem #3.  Gem #3 turns you invisible, and you climb down the ladder and get the gem in the Chamber D.  The sword in Chamber B, of course, has revolving doors, so it's just a matter of skill getting in and out.  Gem #4 opens up the right door of Chamber C so you can get the ring-type thing, but the door closes on you once you get it.  Prize #5 opens up Chamber C's left door and keeps it open when you get the prize... but you get less bonus time doing all that extra walking!  Oddly enough, the chamber prizes seem to be included in the total gem count.

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