Saturday, June 9, 2012

Atari emulator -> Jumpman, Level 30: Grand Puzzle III

And last but certainly not least, Grand Puzzle III.  You know, if I remember correctly, the finale of Quake has a similar device in it!  It also gets a callback in Jumplan Jumpman Jr.  GP3's a two-stage level.  First, you must get eight prizes and turn the purple square yellow.  Once it's yellow, you can use it as a portal to the next stage.  I stick with the old trustworthy 'n' shape.  Stand on the ladder under it, and you will magically end up on a climbing rope.  Try not to have a bullet bearing down on you vertically because it won't disappear.  You only get one shot at the second stage, no matter how many lives you have.  Ah, sweet frustration.  A thing of the past thanks to the emulator.  As you can see from my crude drawing, some of the prizes/gems are worth more than others.  Something about the number 500.  If you're playing 'Advanced' or 'Grand Loop' this will be the triumphant end of the game.  If you're like me and stick with the 'Randomizer,' you gotta keep going till you flip the score... damn.  Something else I gotta do now.

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