Monday, October 19, 2015

Andromeda... the Motion Video Game

I never did Andromeda?  Never even used the word?  Shame on me.  I swear, someone's got my password and is deleting stuff from this bog.... blog.  Anyway, as Wikipedia tells us, Andromeda was the Roman god of... galaxies close to the Earth.  Something like that.  Or maybe it's for pretty galaxies.  That Andromeda galaxy is a damn fine and pretty one.  Or maybe we're just lucky it's tilted the way it is in the sky.
Again, that's not the point.  The point is, in video game form from Gebelli Software, it's like Innerspace in game form, or Fantastic Voyage, more like it.  The rules are perhaps a little too simple, there's no clear goal, and any stuff you eat will eventually reappear.  So why the large game board?  I guess to give that Atari 16K a real workout.  Anyway, here's a more complete map of the game board.  Sorry, I didn't quite finish it, but frankly I think I put far far too much work into it already.

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