Thursday, October 29, 2015

Atari Emulator -> Wavy Navy

Oh damn.  It's one of those games where you've got different ranks for each level.  Must find out what each one is.  Welp, apparently, the highest rank you can achieve is President, much like Eisenhower did.  Of course, his Vice President, Richard Nixon, once said that there were offices out there higher than President of the United States, loftier positions to achieve and what not... I guess you'd have to think that if you left office in disgrace, with a trail of tapes in your wake.  Any political hack worth his weight in Himalayan pink salt probably wouldn't like this game, as you seem to stay at the President rank forever.  No term limits?  Lord knows we don't need another FDR!  Think how prosperous the middle class would be then!  And on top of that, you seem to have the same configuration of two mines and the occasional beeping missile.  I contend that the bomb-dropping plane's much tougher, but what do I know.
Anyway, it's Wavy Navy on disk 107... is it an ode to Space Invaders or Galaxian?  Alas, the many features and advanced graphics of Galaga were far too much for Atari to handle... Commodore probably could, the bastard.  Of course, Wavy Navy somehow lacks even the spontaneity, and organized behaviour of the bad guys in groups, of Galaxian, go figure.  And why do the planes splash into the ocean, then reappear in the sky?  Is it the same gaping plot hole / quirk of physics that they used in Pirates of the Caribbean 3?  Probably.
All right, enough of that.  On to the next game.

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